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Waxing Norwich

Due to the increased cost products and the cost of PPE. We have to add on £4 extra charge per appointment. This will be added to the total cost of your appointment.

waxing norwich

high quality wax treatments

We use a specialist warm wax that is applied using a roller system directly to the skin, allowing us to get better control over the area that is waxed. The therapist will apply the warm wax and remove the unwanted hair, after which a soothing lotion will be applied to calm and nurse the skin, allowing it to recover quickly from the treatment.



There are many benefits to our waxing treatments including:

- Skin will keep looking naturally smooth
- Elimination of stubble growth
- Waxing lasts 4 – 6 weeks (compared to shaving which is about 2 days!)
- Less Hair will re-grow over time
- The Hair will become finer and weaker
- Hair growth is slowed down

Eyebrow waxing


Our skilled therapists will be able to shape you eyebrow into your preferred style or you can let them decide upon the style that will suit your facial features. Our specialist wax is applied directly to the skin giving the therapists full control over the shaping process, an after wax lotion is then applied to sooth the skin. For a list of benefits see the waxing page.

Eyebrow wax lasts 15 mins



Full Leg Wax | 40 mins£25.00

Full Leg incl. High Bikini | 1 hr | £33.00

Full Leg Wax incl. Bikini | 45 mins | £30.00

Half Leg Wax | 15 mins | £17.00

Bikini Line | 15 mins | £12.00

High Bikini | 20 mins | £16.00

Underarm Wax | 10 mins | £9

Forearm Wax | 15 mins | £14.00

Full Arm Wax | 20 mins | £17.00

Lip | 5 mins | £8.00

Chin | 5 mins | £8.00

Side of Face | £8.00

Eyebrow Wax, Lip & Chin | 20 mins | £21.00

Back | £19.00

Chest | £18.00


Hot waxing pricelist

Using high quality Perrion Rigot hot wax no doubble dipping new spatula on every application.

Hollywood Wax | £32.00

Hollywood follow up (4-5 weeks) | £28.00

Brazilian | £29.00

Brazilian follow up (4-5 weeks) | £26.00

High Bikini Line | £20.00