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spray tan norwich

Due to the increased cost products and the cost of PPE. We have to add on £4 extra charge per appointment. This will be added to the total cost of your appointment.

spray tan norwich

st. tropez spray tan

We use St. Tropez Spray Tan to give you gorgeous, glowing, bronzed skin, with that 'just back from holiday' look! Our trained therapists will ensure that you end up with even coverage and a natural looking tan.



Full body St. Tropez spray tan
30 mins


before your spray tan

To get the best result from our spray tan we recommend that you exfoliate and moisturise your skin regularly before your treatment, this will give a smoother surface for our therapists to apply that tan to. You should pay particular attention to your lower legs, knees, feet, toes, hand and knuckles. For best result you should not apply moisturiser after the shower or bath before your tan. You should also ensure that any waxing or shaving is done at least 8 hours before the tan is applied.

After you spray tan

After your tan you should allow the tan to 'develop' overnight, and if possible leave your post tan shower until 8 hours after the treatment. To lengthen the time your tan lasts gently exfoliate using St Tropez Body polisher every 2 – 3 days and as your tan starts to fade moisturise with St Tropez Body Moisturiser.

Your tan should last, on average, 10 days. However this does depend on your skin type and, skin care, and lifestyle.