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Winter Warming Pedicure

nail Salon norwich

Due to the increased cost products and the cost of PPE. We have to add on £4 extra charge per appointment. This will be added to the total cost of your appointment.

nail salon norwich

one of the most experienced nail salons in norwich

This is one of the most popular treatments offered at Mistique. We offer a wide range of treatments that are designed to care, protect and style your nails. You are spoiled for choice with over 50 OPI Nail polishes to choose from. 


Bio Sculpture nails

Bio Sculpture is a patented gel overlay. Bio Sculpture makes coloured nails durable and flexible, which means no more chips! Your nails will keep that freshly manicured look, long after application. Bio Sculpture nails provide your nails with permanent colour or french manicure. Bio Sculpture can be applied to both hands and feet.


Overlays | £30.00

Extensions | £42.00

Soak Off and New Set | £26.00

Soak Off and Nail Condition | £10.00

Bio Sculpture Toes | £22.00

Nail Art from 50p per Nail


OPI Manicure

Our manicures last approximately 45 minutes. Manicures improve the appearance of your nails helps to keep them neat and tidy. High Quality products are used to help stimulate the growth of your nails and improve the strength. After your treatment your hands feel much fresher and softer and our OPI products will make them look fantastic.


OPI Manicure | £20.00

Add Paraffin Wax for £6.00

OPI Manicure & Pedicure | £41.00


OPI Pedicure

A regular pedicure will keep your toe-nails neat and tidy, and improve their appearance. High quality products are used to improve the strength of the nails. OPI products give them the perfect colour. After the treatment your feet will feel relaxed and revitalised. The Treatment lasts approximately 1 Hour.


OPI Pedicure | £26.00

Bio Sculpture Pedicure | £39.00

Add Paraffin Wax for £6.00


File & Paint

Our file and paint is exactly what you would expect and represents, probably the best value in the region. Allow our experienced team to give your nails a make over, filing them to the perfect shape and using our OPI products to paint them with a colour of your choice or, if you like, we can do them as a french manicure.


File & Paint | £9.00

File, Paint & Cuticle Tidy | £10.50


opi gel nail treatments

OPI Nails

OPI Gel Polish | £24.00

OPI Gel Polish Infill | £18.50

OPI Gel Polish Toes | £22.00

Soak off and New Set | £26.00

mistique nails gallery

sparkly french bio sculpture nails
white and sparkly bio sculpture nails
purple and sparkly bio sculpture nails
multi coloured bio sculpture nails